Bethany Jones

Bethany Jones

"It's probably for the better, he was lousy in the sack anyway."
— Bethany

Bethany Jones is a character in Bully, and one of the Townsfolk. She was voiced by Lane Keough.

Character descriptionEdit

Bethany is an attractive woman, who appears to be in her late 20's or early 30's. She wears a purple low-cut halter top, dark skirt, and black high-heel shoes. She has chocolate-brown hair in a bob cut. During the winter, she wears a dark purple top and a pair of black gloves.


Bethany's personality seems to be a bit ditzy and immature. She claims to be a professional glamour model, and spends a lot of money on clothing and accessories. She's also promiscuous, and brags about the number of "gentlemen callers" she's had. When she argues with kids from the school, she likes to mock them by talking to them as if they're very little children, calling them "brat" and "snot". Even when she's trying to be nice she talks down to the kids, for example calling Jimmy a "little helper" when he finds and retrieves her lost dog. She generally comes across as no more mature than the school kids.

She shares a surname with Earnest Jones, however, aside from the name, there is no evidence the two are related.

Role in gameEdit

Bethany can be seen in the introductory sequence. She can also be sighted in the second cutscene of Making a Mark, shaking her fist angrily after Jimmy spray-paints Town Hall. She also gives Jimmy an errand to help find her lost dog.

Lines in her dialogue files indicate she was in a Chapter 2 mission that was later removed. In this mission, Mr. Breckindale was late for a date with her and she hired Jimmy to go find him. Jimmy had to trick Breckindale into chasing him and lead him back to her.