Gender Female
Kissable No
Voice Actor Saetha Ebans
"Everything in the store is 100% vegan - even the hair dye!"
— Betty

Betty is the punk girl who runs the alternative barber and clothing shop named The Final Cut in New Coventry. She was voiced by Saetha Ebans.

Character descriptionEdit

Betty is a young woman probably in her mid to late 20s. She dresses in all black, wears short shorts and a somewhat low-cut top, and black boots. She spikes her hair metallic blue, and has piercings and a tattoo of a skull on her right wrist.


Betty is very into alternative living; some of her lines hint that she may be an extreme feminist, but will still do business with men. Other lines strongly suggest that she is an anarcho-capitalist, as she is into the punk lifestyle and wants to do her own thing, but takes her job seriously as it is most likely how she earns her living. She has an ex-boyfriend whom she speaks poorly of, and she mentions "sisters" on occasion. It is unclear if she is referring to literal siblings of hers, though it seems likely that the phrase is a reference to the feminist movement.

According to Mr. Castillo, she has a crush on him, and he refers to her as a "Goth chick".

Oddly enough, her character gender and fight style are set as male, so when placed in free roam, she walks like the male characters and will even do things unique to them such as urinate publicly. If Jimmy provokes her, she'll attempt a citizen's arrest, when spray-painted in the face she'll shout in pain like the men do and Jimmy can also do to her the same harassment moves that he does to the adult men. If this was intentional it would seem to indicate that Betty is transgendered. However, none of her dialogue supports that theory, so it could also be considered a design oddity or oversight.

She's the only female character that the player can perform a panty wedgie.

Role in gameEdit

Betty can always be found in The Final Cut, but she has no role in the plot. As Jimmy is never required to go into The Final Cut as part of a mission, he can theoretically complete the game without ever meeting her.