Dr. Slawter
Teacher Dr. Slawter
Day Available None
Scholarship Only? Yes
Location 2nd floor, left side
Classmates Beatrice
Passing Grade 100%

Jimmy dissecting a pigeon in Biology 4

Biology is one of the mini-game classes available only in Scholarship

Edition and Anniversary Edition, and is taught by Dr. Slawter.


Biology classes involved the player dissecting various dead animals, using pins (to secure the specimen), a scalpel (to cut), a magnifying glass (to identify organs) and forceps (to remove organs and place them in a petri dish).

The majority of the game is spent using the scalpel. The player must maneuver the cursor along a dotted line, somewhat like a connect-the-dots game.

Jimmy plays against a time limit, and must completely dissect the specimen before the time limit runs out.


Class Specimen Reward
Biology 1 Frog Muscle Shirt
Biology 2 Rat Hazmat Headgear
Biology 3 Fish Bass Hat
Biology 4 Pigeon Alien outfit
Biology 5 Fetal Pig Human Skeleton Trophy
Pig Head Hat


Video Walkthrough Edit

Biology Classes - Bully Scholarship Edition

Biology Classes - Bully Scholarship Edition