The followng is a list of errands that Jimmy Hopkins does at the Blue Skies Industrial Area.

List of ErrandsEdit

There are 7 errands in total and these are only available from Chapter 5 onwards.

Cable GuyEdit

  • Character: Mr. Castillo
  • Details: Mr. Castillo needs Jimmy to destroy four satellite dishes on the sides of houses.
  • Location: Near the Spencer Shipping Warehouse.
  • Chapter Available: 5 onwards.

Rat KillerEdit

  • Character: Mr. Buckingham
  • Details: Mr Buckingham is a dock worker, who wants Jimmy to kill four rats at the docks.
  • Location: Blue Skies Docks.
  • Chapter Available: 5 onwards.

Smash up The CarEdit

Egg GreasersEdit

  • Character: Otto
  • Details: Otto wants Jimmy to egg some of the Greasers.
  • Location: Near Spazz Industries.
  • Chapter Available: 5 onwards(after Showdown at the Plant).

Shipping & ReceivingEdit

  • Character: Mr. Castillo
  • Details: Mr. Castillo needs Jimmy to deliver a package to a guy near the Police Station.
  • Location: Near Townies hangout.
  • Chapter Available: 5 onwards.

Lost CargoEdit

  • Character: McInnis
  • Details: McInnis wants Jimmy to salvage his lost cargo.
  • Location: Docks.
  • Chapter Available: 5 onwards.

Crazy FarmEdit

  • Character: Gregory
  • Details: Gregory wants Jimmy to capture two escaped patients, Clint (aka Henry) and Otto.
  • Location: Asylum front gates.
  • Chapter Available: 5 onwards.

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