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Boxing is a minigame in Bully.


Boxing matches can be initiated at Glass Jaw Boxing Club. They can be started as early as Chapter 2


The minigame takes place in first person perspective. Jimmy can move around, block, duck, and throw punches. He and his opponent both have a health meter, much like those in fighting games. The fights have 30 second rounds. To win, Jimmy must empty his opponent's health meter and then throw a knockout punch.

The best strategy is to guard and let the opponents throw punches. The final punch of the combo will be a haymaker; Jimmy must duck. The opponent will drop his guard, giving Jimmy a chance to throw his own combination. In Scholarship Edition, the opponents are less aggressive, so it's best to keep throwing 5-hit combo till they drop.

Between rounds, Jimmy regains approximately 30% of his health meter. His opponents regain only a minuscule amount of their meter between rounds.


Boxing features in two missions. In Preppie Challenge, Jimmy enters a boxing tournament and has to box Chad Morris, Justin Vandervelde, and Parker Ogilvie in that order. In Boxing Challenge, Jimmy challenges Bif Taylor to a boxing match. Bif, despite being a very dangerous fighter during normal gameplay, isn't any tougher than the other Preppies in the boxing minigame.


Jimmy has four matches against, in order, Chad, Justin, Parker, and Bryce Montrose. After winning each match, his punching damage is increased.

After winning these four matches, he can start boxing matches for money, wagering up to $20. His opponent will be randomly selected from any of the four.

Trivia Edit

  • Health bonus received by kissing girls carries on during the fights, giving Jimmy huge advantage if he enters the match with double health meter.
  • The Preps will taunt Jimmy during his fights, even if the fights are done in Chapter 3 or Chapter 6, where Jimmy's respect with them is at 100%.
  • Pinky will cheer Jimmy on, even if the fights are done before he starts dating her.

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