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Bully: Scholarship Edition

Bully Cover Xbox 360
Box art for the Xbox 360 version of Bully: Scholarship Edition
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Release Date: March 4th, 2008
Developer: Rockstar Games Vancouver
Publisher: Rockstar Games

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft Xbox 360

Nintendo Wii

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Bully: Scholarship Edition is an updated and graphically enhanced version of Bully, released on Xbox 360, Wii, and PC in 2008.

Game InformationEdit

The game was released for the Xbox 360 and Wii video game consoles on March 4, 2008. The game features improved graphics and exclusive content which was unavailable in the PlayStation 2 version, including eight new missions, additional characters, four new school classes (Biology, Music, Math and Geography) and new unlockable items and clothing. In addition, single system 2-player competitive multiplayer minigames have also been added, along with Achievements for the Xbox 360 version and Wii Remote motion and pointer controls for the Wii version. The Xbox 360 version also uses a new proprietary game engine by developers Mad Doc Software.

Rockstar Games first announced the game on July 19, 2007. On August 7, 2007, reported on the release of the Australian Bully: Scholarship Edition box art which included artwork of the protagonist, Jimmy Hopkins, and the school principal, Dr. Crabblesnitch. On February 3 2008, Rockstar announced the game's upcoming release on March 4, 2008 and posted the Scholarship Edition launch trailer at the Bully homepage.

Differences between 360, Wii, and PC versionsEdit

The following is a list of differences between the 360, Wii, and PC versions of the game.

  • Edward's glasses are gold in the Xbox 360 and PC versions, where as they are black in the PS2 and Wii versions.
  • On the Wii version, Jimmy cannot find any lawn gnomes until the mission Small Offences is available. Where as in the Xbox 360 and PC versions, the gnomes show up as soon the game starts.

Original Version and Scholarship Edition ComparisonEdit

Name: Bully Scholarship Edition
Platforms: Playstation 2 Windows, Wii, Xbox 360
Players: 1 1-2
Classes: 6 10
Engine: Renderware Havok/Mud Duck
Days: 3 5
Release Year: 2006 2008
Achievements: No Yes (360 only)


  • Despite the game being released more than a year after the Playstation 3 launched, the game was never ported to the console. Finally in 2012 however, the Playstation 3 did recieve the game, but only a simple straight port of the original PS2 version. 
  • The game adds several new features and classes, and fixes many bugs found in the PS2 version.
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