Inclusionism is the philosophy that information should be liberally added and retained on Bully Wiki, while Deletionism is a philosophy held by some editors that favors clear and relatively rigorous standards for accepting articles, templates or other pages on the wiki.

Bully Wiki favours Inclusionism and rejects most principles of Deletionism. Aside from issues relating to the merits of the articles themselves, it is an unavoidable observance that deletionists eventually reach a state where they consider getting articles deleted itself a goal. Bully Wiki considers that a form of vandalism.

Generally the only articles that will be deleted are those that rely heavily on unverifiable information and speculation.

Arguments against Deletionism

  • If this wiki is about Bully, then how can something that is also about Bully not be notable?
  • "Saving space in the database" is a fallacious argument. If there are issues with the "database" being too full, Wikia staff deals with them.
  • Merging short articles into one larger one serves no point except to delete small articles, which itself is pointless.

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