Carnival Date
Location: Old Bullworth Vale Theater
Time(s) Available: 4:30 pm or later
Faction: N/A
Reward: Pinky now likes you
Pinky's picture trophy
Big teddy bear trophy
Unlocks: Race the Vale*
Panty Raid
"Jimmy, I'm really starting to like you."
— Pinky Gauthier

Carnival Date is a mission in Chapter 2.

The MissionEdit


Jimmy must have a bouquet of flowers in his inventory before he can start the mission or else he fails the mission instantly.


Pinky is standing outside the movie theater. As Jimmy walks up, she begins bitching at him for having been three minutes late for their date. Jimmy, who didn't realize they had a date, is confused, until Pinky realizes it was Derby Harrington, not Jimmy, who she had the date with. She takes Jimmy's flowers. As Derby is a no-show, Jimmy offers to take her out in his place, and Pinky asks him to meet her at Billy Crane's Traveling Carnival.


Get to the Carnival and buy an entrance ticket. A short cutscene plays where Pinky runs up to greet Jimmy. Pinky asks him to win her a teddy bear. The bear can be purchased from the prize tent for 10 tickets. The tickets are earned by playing the various midway games around the Carnival.

Jimmy and Pinky hold hands as they walk through the carnival. If Jimmy and Pinky cross the paths of a girl who Jimmy has already kissed, that girl will become jealous and either hit Jimmy or get in a hair pulling match with Pinky. Pinky may also be harassed by the Greasers if Jimmy runs across any of them.

The two of them can ride the rides together, although this doesn't contribute towards completing the mission. Pinky freaks out if Jimmy tries to take her to the Freak Show.

Each time Jimmy passes a midway game, Pinky asks him to try it. It doesn't matter which games he plays, so long as he wins 10 tickets. If he already has ten prize tickets, he doesn't have to play the games, he just has to go straight in and get the bear. All of the other prizes will say that they are out of stock, so Jimmy can't buy anything besides the bear.

Once he has purchased the bear, the mission ends. If he hasn't bought the bear by 1 a.m., he fails the mission.


Both this mission and The Eggs must be completed to unlock Race the Vale.


  • Dan and Kirby have unused dialogue for this mission. They were supposed to either pick a fight with Jimmy or challenge him in a carnival game. Despite being scrapped, both of them can still be seen walking past Jimmy and Pinky, sometimes armed with baseball bats.

Mission videoEdit

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