The Cheerleading Squad are the cheerleaders for Bullworth's various sports teams, most notably the Bullworth Bullhorns football team.
Cheerleading squad

The cheerleading squad in action.


Mandy Wiles is the head cheerleader. Pinky Gauthier, Christy Martin and Angie Ng form the rest of the squad. All three of them are considered Jocks when in cheerleader uniform rather than Prep and Non-Clique respectively.

Beatrice apparently tries out for the squad every year despite being a Nerd and her professed disapproval of all non-academic school activities, but Mandy, who dislikes her, never lets her on. Lola is also not on the squad, likely because of her rivalry with Pinky and Mandy, and Eunice is likely not accepted due to her being overweight.

Role in gameEdit

The cheerleaders can be seen during gym class on wrestling days, where they cheer from the sidelines. Strangely, during wrestling there will be two separate instances of Christy and Angie, along with one of Pinky. They can also be seen practicing at the Football Field when classes are not in session.

During Chapter 4, in the mission Paparazzi, Jimmy has to take photos of Mandy during and after cheerleading practice. Later that chapter in The Big Game, they can be seen around the football field interacting with the other jocks. Jimmy, who is disguised as the mascot, has to repeatedly do the Cow Dance to get them to leave him alone.

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