Jimmy in Chemistry class.

Dr. Watts

Chemistry teacher Dr. Watts.

Chemistry is one of the mini-game classes and is taught by Dr. Watts. Chemistry classes involved the player pushing specific buttons as they pass through the box on the screen. The five chemistry classes occur during the mornings and give the player greater access to weapons at the chemistry set in Jimmy's dorm room. The chemistry classroom is located right to the stairs.

Scholarship Edition changesEdit

Completing Chemistry 5 unlocks the mission Discreet Deliveries.

The Wii version of Chemistry is changed drastically from the original Bully, where it is virtually identical to the gameplay during Shop. Instead of hitting buttons at the proper time, the player has to make certain motions with the Wii-mote and Nunchuk. Jimmy's actions on screen correspond with the action requested by the player. For example, if the player is asked to make a back-and-forth motion with the nunchuk, Jimmy stirs the experiment he's working on. The music has also been remixed; it is now clearer, louder and slightly different in tone.


Class Reward
Chemistry 1 Get Firecrackers from your chemistry set
Chemistry 2 Get Stink Bombs from your chemistry set
Chemistry 3 Get Itching Powder from your chemistry set
Chemistry 4 Get full inventory of items instead of half
Chemistry 5 Use the chemistry set as many times per day as you want

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