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Chemistry set inside Jimmy's room.

The Chemistry set is unlocked after Chemistry 1. It is located in Jimmy's room in the Boys' Dorm by the window. With the set, Jimmy can make a variety of weapons including firecrackers, stink bombs and itching powder. He can only use it once a day until Chemistry 5 is passed.

It is spotted by its smoke, fire and bright color, but before Chemistry 5 is passed, when you use it, it loses its color and stops smoking until the next morning when it becomes usable again. Starting at Chapter 4, if you have a bottle rocket launcher with spent ammo, the Chemistry set can be used to make more rockets. The following rewards are unlocked with each Chemistry class passed.

Class Reward
Chemistry 1 Get Fire Crackers from your chemistry set
Chemistry 2 Get Stink Bombs from your chemistry set
Chemistry 3 Get Itching Powder from your chemistry set
Chemistry 4 Get full inventory of items instead of half
Chemistry 5 Use the chemistry set as many times per day as you want

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