Chocolate is an item that can be used in Bully.

Description and InformationEdit

Chocolate plays a minor role in Bully. It comes in a peach heart shaped box, and can be found in lockers, or can be bought from the Yum Yum Market stores in Bullworth. Like flowers, it can given as a gift to girls, however the only girl who will demand and accept chocolate as a gift is Eunice Pound.

Chocolate is first introduced during This Is Your School, where Jimmy is asked by Eunice to get back her chocolates, which were stolen from her by Constantinos. It is used again in Movie Tickets, where Jimmy gives Eunice chocolates to lead her away from the ticket line. During Cook's Crush, Edna asks Jimmy to bring her a box of chocolate, along with several other items.

Two errands in game involve Jimmy putting chocolate in students lockers.

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