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Cliques are the different groups of students found at Bullworth Academy and the surrounding area. There are six main cliques, those cliques being Preppies, Greasers, Nerds, Jocks, Bullies and Townies, that form a hierarchy. There are some students that do not belong to any clique, which are known as Non-Clique Students.

The cliques all have hangouts at Bullworth Academy and an area of Bullworth "ruled" by the clique. The Jock clique is the exception to this rule, as they are rarely seen off campus.

The Townies do not have a hangout on campus, as they are not students. They're most often seen in Blue Skies Industrial Park and New Coventry after dark.

The clique leaders only appear in missions and cutscenes. Russell is the exception, and can be found in specific locations on campus at Bullworth Academy throughout the day.

If Jimmy's faction with a clique is at 100%, members of that clique may offer to let Jimmy hire them.

Cliques Information Edit

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