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Clique Carnival Folk
Status Freakshow Actress
Gender Female
Kissable No
Voice Actor N/A

The Last Mermaid, also known as Courtney, is one of the carnival freaks and is the last freak in show. She has no voice actor, as she has no lines of dialogue.

Character DescriptionEdit

Courtney is a beautiful, blonde woman with a fish's tail. She is topless with only starfish covering her breasts. Being a mermaid, she doesn't speak. She mainly floats in her tank watching the visitors, occasionally swimming around.

Presumably, the carnival staff picked the name Courtney for her.

Role in GameEdit

Courtney has no role in game apart from Jimmy having to take a picture of her along with the other freaks in Photography 5.


  • If Courtney is added to free roam via hex editing, she walks around on her tail which functions like a pair of legs.

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