Delilah and Jezebel
Delilah jezebel
Clique Carnival Folk
Gender Female
Kissable No
Voice Actor Madena Parwana

Delilah and Jezebel are the Siamese twin sisters at the Freak Show in "Billy Crane's Traveling Carnival". They are the third freaks after The Skeleton Man and The Fat, Ugly Bearded Woman. They are voiced by Madena Parwana.

Character AppearanceEdit

Delilah, the more attractive of the sisters, is located to the right. Jezebel, the twin that is known for not taking care of herself, is to the left. They both have brown eyes and long brown hair, with Delilah's being neat and clean whereas Jezebel's is grimy and unkempt. They wear a custom made blue dress, with Jezebel's part being all torn and dirty. They also wear black women's loafers and white socks.


Delilah is the kind, sweet and peppy sister, and has her own goals and aspirations. She enjoys being a Siamese twin and all the attention she gets from it, and is pretty talkative. She likes meeting new people and making friends, and wishes to join Bullworth Academy one day to befriend the students. She comments that Gary has told her that Jimmy has a crush on her.

Jezebel is the bitter and nasty sister. She can't stand her twin and is often seen shoving her. She frequently rants about her disdain for humanity and allegedly engages in mischievous deeds, with herself claiming to like destroying dolls and eating beetles, worms and spiders. Judging by the bottles of pills and whiskey found in their room, it can be assumed she's a drug addict, and the blemishes all over her body and part of the dress shows she has very poor hygiene. Her demeanor greatly upsets Delilah, who wishes she would take better care of herself.

Role in gameEdit

Delilah and Jezebel have no major role in the story. During Photography 5, Jimmy must take a picture of them along with the other Carnival Freaks.


  • Delilah is the only one who's considered an actual character by the game, whereas Jezebel's model was made as a weapon, similarly to the pom-pom, and even sparks when "dropped" on the ground. She was only made from the waist up, and it's embedded to Delilah's unique skeleton. If they are forced to perform an animation other than the one they are set to do at the exhibit, Delilah might hold Jezebel on her right hand as if a weapon.
  • Delilah moves her lips even when Jezebel is the one speaking. This is likely due to the aforementioned trait of her being the "actual character".
  • To accomodate Jezebel, Delilah's model was made with her hips sticking out. She also has an unusually large life bar, equal to Bif, as well as a unique set of stats.
  • In the Wii version if you use levitate code and go into Deliah/Jezebeo's room there is a thumbs down and heart choice, however they are greyed [in the other freaks room it has the regular thumbs up thumbs down greyed out]. out insisting at one point in the game the player could kiss them.

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