"This isn't pain! Getting your junk tatted, that's pain!"
— Denny

Denny is a character in Bully, and is one of the Townsfolk. He was voiced by Vincent Lombardi.


Denny, punk of few words.

Character DescriptionEdit

Denny is a young man whose appearance suggests he's into Punk. He wears leather pants and a sleeveless leather vest over a shirt in summer and winter, and his arms are covered in tattoos.

It is possible that Johnny and Lola's last names came from Denny's voice actor's first and last name respectively.


Denny was originally intended to be a storekeeper. He has lines of dialogue for greeting, thanking, insulting and evicting customers like the other storekeepers. However, at some point in the game's development he was changed into a standard townsfolk. He has no lines of dialogue for many interactions including conversing with others and random chatter as he walks around, and so is unusually silent during free roam. If other townsfolk get into a "conversation" with Denny, they will essentially talk to themselves while he just stands there.

The game's data files describe him as "Tattooist". Perhaps he was meant to be seen in the tattoo parlor in Blue Skies Industrial Park whenever Jimmy gets a tattoo, or the building titled Tasteful Tattoos near the Police station in New Coventry. His style of speech suggests that he's immature for his age, and his favorite insult appears to be "douche". He's also into body modification. He states that he wears nipple rings and has had his genitals tattooed and pierced.

Role in gameEdit

Denny has no individual role in the game.