The Faculty are the teaching and non teaching staff at Bullworth Academy.

The faculty are the highest level of authority on campus, but they rarely appear on campus outside cutscenes and classes. Most of them have a small chance to spawn in place of a Prefect, and there are a few pre-programmed incidents where a teacher will be seen telling a student off. Pulling a fire alarm inside the school's main building sometimes makes the faculty appear, but it's very hard to interact with them. A teacher will randomly appear in the Library after curfew as well.

Dr. Crabblesnitch, Mr Matthews, Miss Peters and Neil never appear during free roam. Despite being part of the faculty, Mr. Luntz isn't considered an authority figure. He is instead just considered as an adult.


Image Name Role Voice Artist
Dr. Crabblesnitch Dr. Crabblesnitch School Principal Ralph Gunderman
Mr. Burton Mr. Burton Gym Teacher Michael Boyle
Mrs. Carvin Mrs. Carvin Librarian Patricia Kilgarriff
Miss Danvers Miss Danvers School Secretary Lori Funk
Edna Edna School Cook Kathryn Rossetter
Mr. Galloway Mr. Galloway English Teacher Robert Stanton
Mr. Hattrick Mr. Hattrick Math Teacher Charles Turner
Mr. Luntz Mr. Luntz Janitor and Shop Attendant Sean Eden
Mr. Matthews Mr. Matthews Geography Teacher Unknown
Mrs. McRae Mrs. McRae School Nurse Susan Blommaert
Neil Neil Shop Teacher Jesse Lenat
Mrs. Peabody Mrs. Peabody Girls Dorm Hall Monitor Flo Salant
Miss Peters Miss Peters Music Teacher Saidah Ekulona
Ms. Philips Ms. Philips Art and Photography Teacher Blair Ross
Dr. Slawter Dr. Slawter Biology Teacher Kurt Rhoads
Dr. Watts Dr. Watts Chemistry Teacher Jarel Davidow
Mr. Wiggins Mr. Wiggins History Teacher Gary Yudman

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