Fighting Johnny Vincent
Location: The Junkyard
Time(s) Available: N/A
Faction: Greasers +100
Reward: Leather Jacket trophy
Unlocks: Chapter 4

Fighting Johnny Vincent is the final mission in Chapter 3.

The MissionEdit


This mission starts immediately after The Rumble. Johnny has just knocked Jimmy down with a haymaker when the cops show up. He and some of his Greasers run. Johnny gets on a bike and rides off, Jimmy chases him on the bike Peanut was riding. The cops manage to bust Norton, giving them a head start.


The ChaseEdit

Jimmy has to ride away from the police on a bicycle, and he has a full trouble meter. If the police car hits him and knocks him off the bike, the mission restarts from the beginning of the chase scene.

Jimmy follows Johnny down a dirt road that runs southeast from the Tenements. The police try to follow them, but it eventually gets too narrow. As Jimmy follows Johnny up a hill, the Greasers suddenly pull a chain across the road. Jimmy is flipped off his bike and he flies into the Junkyard.

Johnny is waiting on his bike brandishing a length of pipe. The other Greasers are standing on the old cars surrounding a large circular dirt area.

Fighting JohnnyEdit

Johnny rides around on the bike too quickly to be chased and thrown off of it, swinging his pipe at Jimmy, while the rest of the Greasers shoot at Jimmy with slingshots and throw eggs and stinkbombs. Petey inexplicably appears, and asks Jimmy to knock the Greasers out so he can get to a crane. If Jimmy does so, Petey turns the crane on and Johnny's pipe and bike get stuck to the crane's electro-magnet, forcing Johnny to fist-fight. He has quite a bit more health and better attack skills than Derby, including the haymaker and high front kick that goes through Jimmy's block, but his defense is not that good. Jimmy can also smash some crates around for Soda Can if he needs to refill his health.

Johnny can't be thrown off his bike, but Jimmy can also use his slingshot to attack him while he's on it. He can be defeated this way.


If Jimmy loses, the mission starts over from when Jimmy fell off his bike into the junkyard.

If he wins, Johnny, defeated, says that Jimmy can have Lola. Jimmy tells Johnny that he doesn't want Lola, which shocks him. He says that he did it to prove he was tougher so the Greasers would quit bullying weaker kids, and that Johnny worked for him now.


  • If Jimmy uses the slingshot to knock Johnny out while he's on the bike, he will drop his pipe. It sparkles like an object Jimmy can pick up, although he never gets a chance since the cutscene starts immediately after Johnny is knocked out.
  • Petey has several dialogues as he runs past each Greaser Jimmy knocked out. However, if Jimmy knocked out all the Greasers right-to-left, Petey will still stop after each defeated Greasers for his dialogue, despite the course is already cleared.
  • If the player fails the chase segment, the music will mute indefinitely until the second segment, at the junkyard. The reason for this is unknown, although it is most likely just a bug.
  • In Scholarship Edition, the bike Jimmy receives for the chase segment is the BMX unlocked by Shop 3, during the cutscene, the bike resembles the Level 5 BMX, but the body is silver, in the PS2 version, Jimmy receives a Shop 2 bike.
  • Originally, Johnny was supposed to lose his bike only and he still had his pipe to fight Jimmy, but this idea was changed during development. An unused cutscene found in the game data files proves this.
  • The bike Johnny rides, seen in the cutscene where the Greasers trip Jimmy using a chain, resembles a red BMX. The bike may look similar to the red BMX unlocked upon completion of Shop 5, but Johnny's BMX does not have any design on it. The colour of the seat of Johnny's BMX is also slightly different and the handle resembles the handle of the Racer instead of BMX. It should also be noted that when Johnny takes a Racer in the cutscene where the police arrives, but switches into a red BMX in the chain cutscene, and then switches again into the racer during the fight. So, the chain cutscene is the only in game appearance of Johnny's red BMX.
    • It should also be noted that when Jimmy is outrunning the cops, he is riding the BMX unlocked after Shop 2 which is orange in colour. However in the chain cutscene, it changes into a silver coloured BMX.
    • It should also be noted that when Jimmy is outrunning the cops, he has a full red trouble meter. The reason for this is unknown, but it is probably so the cops don't lose interest.

Video WalkthroughsEdit


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Bully Soundtrack Mix Fighting Johnny Vincent (3 Versions Mix)

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