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The Football Field is the "gridiron" at Bullworth Academy.

Location and InformationEdit

The football field is the southernmost location on campus, on the edge of the game map. South of the football field is a wooden fence that, as the map border, can't be passed through. The scoreboard and a small shack housing the controls are against this fence. On the north side of the field are the bleachers and a few tables for sitting. The Jocks spend a lot of time loitering around on the field. During school hours you can see the students who participate in the dodgeball games running laps, although when the Nerds try to run laps they will get attacked by the Jocks. The Cheerleading Squad can also be seen practicing on the field. It is also South West of the Observatory.

During detention, Jimmy will be forced to mow the football field. The Jocks Clubhouse is located at the western end of the football field. To the east, there is a gate that leads to the Observatory, and past that is an undeveloped area with several trails. A false rumour goes around that a ghost can be seen at the football field.

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