is a character in Bully. He was voiced by Anthony Macbain.

Character DescriptionEdit

Freeley wears a blue cap over bushy orange hair and matching beard. He wears a red apron over a white T-shirt, jeans and sneakers, and is slightly chubby.


Freely speaks in a slight country accent. He is a proponent of exercise and working out. Freeley was once in prison and is trying hard not to get sent back again. He tolerates his job although he dislikes it.

When knocked out, he quotes Hamlet: "Sleep, perchance to dream." However, whether this means he's into literature, or is merely an easter egg is unknown.

Role in gameEdit

Freeley works at the Carnival, where he operates the rides. In those instances, he cannot be interacted with at all. He does appear as a regular character though.

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