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Screenshot of Geography 1

Geography is one of the classes exclusive to Scholarship Edition. It is taught by Mr. Matthews.

The Geography minigame has a map on the screen and a row of flags identified by country or state along the bottom. Jimmy must correctly match the flags to the unlabelled countries on the larger map. Each mistake made takes 5 seconds off his timer, a score below 70% fails the class.


Class Map Reward
Geography 1 Europe Eiffel Tower Hat
Geography 2 United States Racing Outfit (you may just get the head)
Rubber Band Locations marked
Geography 3 Asia Panda Outfit (you may just get the head)
G&G Card Locations marked
Geography 4 Middle East & North Africa Pith Hat
Transistor Locations marked
Geography 5 Central & South America

Explorer Outfit
Gnome Locations marked
Globe Trophy


  • After Jimmy finishes the class, he will stand outside of the English Classroom, instead of the Geography Classroom. This will always happen after a Geography class in the Xbox 360, and Wii version, but was corrected in the PC version.

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