Clique Orderlies
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Galloway Away

Finding Johnny Vincent

Voice Actor Rob Karol

Gregory is one of the Orderlies. He was voiced by Rob Karol. For unknown reasons he doesn't appear in free roam, except during one errand.

Character descriptionEdit

Gregory is a black man. He wears the Orderly uniform along with a mask, which he does not remove. He's a bit slimmer than Theo. In the winter he adds a white beanie, and changes his nametag to "Gregory".


Gregory is fairly soft spoken and seems to care about his job. It's hinted that he got into psychiatric care because he had some mental issues of his own that he has worked through or is working through, coupled with gastric problems. The nametag on his uniform actually reads J.W. Jonathan, however this name does not appear in the credits.

Role in gameEdit

Gregory makes appearances in the mission Finding Johnny Vincent, patrolling the asylum and chasing inmates after Jimmy opens the doors.

He also makes an appearance in Galloway Away, where he watches as Theo struggles to keep Fenwick in his cell.

Gregory gives Jimmy an errand to help track down Otto and Henry when they escape from the Happy Volts Asylum after the mission Finding Johnny Vincent. This is also the only time he can be encountered in free roam. If Jimmy ignores him, he will walk off and begin his free roam behavior.


  • If added to free roam Gregory spawns in the place of Prefects. Despite this, he still can not be grabbed and will still bust students like an Orderly.
  • While in his errand mode, Gregory will only attempt to bust Jimmy if his trouble meter is completely full.
  • His TO_Orderly2 (his model) named is "JW Jonathan", While his winter model is Gregory.