Leader Ted Thompson
2nd in Command Damon West
Main turf Football Field
Other hangouts Gymnasium
Fighting style Tackles, pro wrestling
Weapons used baseball bats
Arch-Rival Nerds

The Jocks are one of the five school cliques.


Ted Thompson is the clique leader and captain of the Football team. Damon West is his bodyguard and second-in-command; he has aspirations to lead the clique himself, but only acts like a boss when Ted isn't around. No other jocks are seen to demonstrate authority at any time. According to the data files Casey is the second-in-command. The Jocks are at the top of the clique hierarchy at school.

Clique Description

The Jocks are the physically largest clique in the game - Damon, Juri, Casey and Luis are all much bigger than the average student. The clique outfit involves wearing athletic clothes over the standard Bullworth slacks, and athletic shoes instead of dress shoes. Jocks who have earned Letterman jackets usually wear those, while those who haven't wear team sweaters or T-shirts. The only female jock, Mandy Wiles, is rarely seen out of her cheerleader's uniform.

Clique Information

The Jocks are at the top of the school's pecking order and, according to Gary, run the school. They are the most athletic students at the school and consider the gym and football field as their turf. All the male members are on the school's football team, the Bullworth Bullhorns. They are sworn enemies of the Nerds, and attack them on sight, if a Nerd is near the gym. They are the only clique with two black members, Damon West and Bo Jackson. The Jocks are rarely seen off campus aside from the carnival.

Role in story

The Jocks first appear as the target of Jimmy in The Slingshot. Early on in the school year Jimmy angers the clique due to his actions in The Candidate, and from then on the Jocks will attack him whenever he approaches the gym.

Jimmy doesn't try to take down the Jocks until he's settled the Bullies, Preppies and Greasers. The events of Chapter 4 involve the Jocks.

In Chapter 5, someone sets the Gym on fire. The Jocks blame Jimmy for it, even though it was the Townie Gurney, and become hostile towards him again. Jimmy traces the problem through the Townies to Gary, and regains the respect of the clique after the events of Complete Mayhem.


Image Name Found Voice Artist
Ted Ted Thompson

Ted rarely appears outside missions and cutscenes.

Alex Cendese
Bo Bo Jackson Bo can be found at the Gym and on the football field. Jason Fuchs
Casey Casey Harris Casey can be found at the Gym and on the football field. Dimitri Michann
Damon Damon West Damon can be found at the Gym and on the football field. Ben Curtis
Dan Dan Wilson Dan can be found at the Gym and on the football field. Matt Sauerhoff
Juri Juri Karamazov Juri can be found at the Gym and on the football field. Lloyd Floyd
Kirby Kirby Olsen Kirby can be found at the Gym and on the football field. Chris Kromer
Luis Luis Luna Luis can be found at the Gym and on the football field. Adam Scarimbolo
Mandy Mandy Wiles Mandy can be found at the Gym, on the football field, and inside the Girls' Dorm. Elena Franklin
Bob Bob only appears in one specific cutscene unless the player spawns him via a hex editor. Tom Vergow

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