Jocks Challenge
Location: Gym
Time(s) Available: before curfew
Faction: N/A
Reward: Clubhouse save point

Jocks Challenge is a challenge mission in Chapter 4.

The MissionEdit


Jimmy enters the gym and is told by Casey that only athletes may use the gym. Jimmy insists, and so Casey challenges him to a game of Dodgeball.


Jimmy, on his normal dodgeball team with Algie, Thad and Bucky, has to defeat the Jocks dodgeball team. Upon winning, Casey agrees to let him use the clubhouse at the west of the football field.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being the one that challenges Jimmy to the game, Casey does not play.
  • If this mission is failed, in the locker room Bo can be seen in his football uniform in free roam.

Mission VideoEdit

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