Clique Townies
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Preppies Vandalized
Galloway Away
Townie Challenge
The Collector
Voice Actor Lance Williams
"I don't know why I do what I do. I gotta get a job some day."
— Leon

Leon is a character in Bully, and is one of the Townies who doesn't attend Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Lance Williams.

Character description

Leon is large, with brown eyes, and is the only black townie. He wears an orange jacket over a blue T-shirt, dark brown slacks, and brown shoes in the summer and winter, but when playing dodgeball, wears baggy jean shorts and an orange T-shirt, which has "Your mom owes me money $" written on the back of it.


Leon is a slacker to the extreme. His favorite thing to do is sit at home and watch TV, and he loathes the fact that he'll have to get a job some day. He loves his juvenile status as it provides him legal protection from misdemeanors. His school career is barely discussed, but he's familiar with the staff at Bullworth Academy and he holds a grudge against the librarian Mrs. Carvin. He went so far as to sneak back onto campus to steal a book from her.

Leon spends a lot of time bored and complains that nothing ever happens in Bullworth. He enjoys fighting and mayhem in general because it livens things up. He also appears to be friends with Duncan as they appear working together in a few missions.

Role in game

Leon appears in most of the missions in Chapter 5. During the mission Preppies Vandalized, he and Duncan are seen loading rats into a case. They have a long conversation about it, and Leon expresses the hope that one of the rats bites Mrs. Carvin.

During the Galloway Away mission, he can be seen inside the Happy Volts Asylum as a patient, trying to force his way out of his cell while the orderlies struggle to restrain him.

If Jimmy fails the mission Townie Challenge, a short cutscene plays where Leon throws him out of the building.

In Scholarship Edition's mission The Collector, Leon is one of the five bike riders and Jimmy can steal his bike for Clint.

He plays on the Townies dodgeball team.