Some example of Rule Violation

The following is a list of the different rules Jimmy can break in Bully.

Minimum Severity Edit

  • Dress Code- Occurs if Jimmy wears any clothing other than the school uniform or other Bullworth gear. He also break dress code if he wears hats, watches, wristbands, or has a tattoo. Usually prefects will mock Jimmy if he is out of dress code.
  • Weapon Fired- If Jimmy throws a small weapon such as an egg in the sight of an authority figure, they will yell at him, but make no attempt to apprehend him.

Low SeverityEdit

  • Bullying- Occurs when Jimmy performs the following actions to a person: pushing them into a locker or trashcan, giving them a swirly, or giving them a wedgie. Only the standard Bullying violation will be broken if Jimmy performs any of the actions to a normal male student
  • Harassment (Adults)- Occurs when Jimmy insults, shoves, or grabs an adult.
  • Harassment (Authority)- Occurs when Jimmy shoves or grabs a prefect or police officer
  • Harassment (Girls)- Occurs when Jimmy pinches a female student in the rear or shoves them. They will usually run away from Jimmy after doing so.
  • Harassment (Little Kids)- Occurs when Jimmy insults, grabs, or shoves a young student
  • Impudence- Occurs when Jimmy insults an authority figure, or prepares to fire a weapon in their direction
  • Misconduct- Occurs when Jimmy skateboards in the school building
  • No Helmet- Occurs when Jimmy rides the Moped with no helmet
  • Obstructing Authority- Occurs when Jimmy blocks an authority figure from apprehending a person. Also given when Jimmy stands in front of a police vehicle.
  • Pulling Alarm- Occurs when Jimmy pulls the fire alarms in the school or Boy's Dorm
  • Tagging- Occurs when Jimmy sprays a tagging target
  • Theft- Occurs when Jimmy steals another person's bike
  • Trespassing- Occurs if Jimmy is within the school building after 7 pm, the Girls' Dorm, Happy Endings Retirement Home, or the Happy Volts Asylum
  • Truancy- Occurs if Jimmy is not in class after 9:30 am and 1 pm. Will no longer be a violation once Jimmy passes all classes
  • Using Prank- Occurs when Jimmy throws a dead rat within the vicinity of a student
  • Vandalism- Occurs when Jimmy destroys objects such as crates and jumping on or damaging cars
  • Violating Curfew- Occurs if Jimmy is not within the Boy's Dorm after 11 pm
  • Violence- Occurs if Jimmy fights another student
  • Weapon Fired- Occurs if Jimmy fires the Slingshot, but does not hit anyone

Escalating SeverityEdit

  • Lockpicking --> Breaking and entering- Occurs when Jimmy successfully picks a locker and steals the contents inside
  • Violence --> Bullying- Occurs when Jimmy humiliates an opponent at low health after fighting
  • Weapon Violence- Occurs when Jimmy uses a projectile weapon or melee weapon to fight

Maximum SeverityEdit

  • Bullying (Authority)- Occurs when Jimmy performs the aforementioned bullying techniques to authority figures
  • Bullying (Little Kids)- Occurs when Jimmy performs the aforementioned bullying techniques to little kids
  • Bullying (Adults)- Occurs when Jimmy performs the aforementioned bullying techniques to adults
  • Violence (Adults)- Occurs when Jimmy fights an adult
  • Violence (Authority)- Occurs when Jimmy attacks an authority figure
  • Violence (Girls)- Occurs when Jimmy attacks a female student
  • Violence (Little Kids)- Occurs when Jimmy attacks a young student
  • Sexual Harassment (Little Girls)- Occurs when Jimmy pinches the rear on the young female students

Other Violations Edit

  • Violence (Little Kids) and Violence (Girls)- If Jimmy hits the person once with a bike, the violation will only become an escalating violations. Hitting them again however causes the meter to become full
  • Resisting Apprehension- Though not a listed violation, the trouble meter will rise slightly if Jimmy escapes from an authority figure's grip
  • Skitching- Though not a listed violation, the trouble meter will rise slightly if Jimmy hitches a ride on the back of a car with his skateboard


  • Jimmy cannot apologize for Truancy, Curfew Violation, and Trespassing.
  • Hitting an authority figure who is stunned from Jimmy breaking free has no effect on the Trouble Meter.
  • Attacking an authority figure with fists or a weapon who has just busted another character and still has them pinned to the ground has no effect on the Trouble Meter.
  • When Jimmy breaks out of orange severity struggles his trouble meter will turn red.
  • Rarely, if you attract The Police into the school The Prefects will get on The Police's motorbike and chase Jimmy

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