Luis Luna
Clique Jocks
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Adam Scarimbolo
"I actually got a decent grade the other day in a class that wasn't gym."
— Luis

Luis Luna is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Jocks at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Adam Scarimbolo.

Character descriptionEdit

Luis is a big jock, the same size as Damon, Casey and Juri. He has a dark brown flat top, brown eyes, and he wears a sleeveless Bullworth letterman's jacket over a white long sleeve shirt. His skin tone is a shade or two darker than most other white students, and judging by that and by his last name, it can be speculated that he has some Hispanic heritage.


Keep Ups

Luis playing Keep-Ups.

Luis takes great pride in his physique, particularly his abs. It is hinted that he (along with Casey) may be on steroids provided by Mr. Burton. According to Lefty, Luis grew up in New Coventry and is only a Jock because he's strong enough to beat up most of the other Jocks. He still maintains some amount of grudge against the Preppies, calling the school a "prep prison".

Luis likes soccer, and challenges Jimmy Hopkins during the game of Keep-Ups. He is also good at wrestling, and usually wrestles matches with his friend Juri.

Surprisingly, despite his disdain for education, Luis appears to be rather intelligent. He does his own classwork at times and does fairly well at it.

Role in gameEdit

Luis is the challenger for the game Keep-Ups. Aside from that he has no specific in-game role, although he does appear in several missions in Chapter 4. He speaks in no cutscenes aside from the intro to Keep-Ups.


  • Luis has an unused model in which he wears a wrestling singlet, as well as a larger health bar (210 points). It is speculated that at some point in development, he was the opponent in the second wrestling class in Gym.