The Main Building is located on campus at Bullworth Academy.

Description and InformationEdit

The main building assumes a classical Neo-Gothic design. It is where the majority of lessons are held. The main building hosts the Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, Geography, Math, Music and Photography classes. There are also classrooms for both Home Economics and History, two subjects which are not used in all versions of the game. Other rooms of interest include the principal's office, Miss Danvers' office, the staff room and the cafeteria located in a basement level. There are also four bathrooms (two per floor), an and an entrance to the janitor's closet and basement. The faculty and prefects patrol the building more than any other part of the campus, with the four prefects, Miss Danvers and Edna always ready to stop trouble makers. The building is also the starting point for many missions and errands.

Exterior and interior inconsistenciesEdit

The main building's interior does not match the exterior. The building's exterior clearly shows that it has three floors, while the interior has two floors. In the cafeteria, there are windows that allow light in, however there are no corresponding windows to be seen anywhere in the schoolyard area behind the main building, which is located on top of the cafeteria.

On the southern facade of the outside of the building there is a balcony which can be accessed from the outside by a ladder frame and by exiting a window from the inside, there is a design error here as the window is on the inner east side of the building, this means that the balcony should be facing the library.

On the exterior there are windows where all four bathrooms are, however the bathrooms do not have windows in them.

Locations in Main BuildingEdit

Ground Floor

2nd Floor

  • Art/Photography
  • Biology
  • Math
  • Music
  • Home Economics
  • General Office
  • Access to Roof (inaccessible)
  • Auditorium (inaccessible)
  • Top floor boys' bathroom
  • Top floor girls' bathroom
  • Principal's Office


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