Melody Adams
Clique None
Gender Female
Kissable No
Voice Actor Shannon Amabile
"You know, despite all the jerks in this place, I really love this school!"
— Melody

Melody Adams is a character in Bully, and is a young Non-Clique Student at Bullworth Academy. She was voiced by Shannon Amabile.

Character Description

Melody is a little girl with blue eyes and short black hair tied back with a white hair band. She wears the entire school uniform; a white collar shirt and dark teal sweater vest with a green tie, and a dark teal skirt. In the wintertime she wears a long sleeve sweater and adds white tights, a yellow and white striped scarf, and yellow earmuffs.


Melody is a stereotypical "goody two shoes". She regularly talks about how much she loves school and claims she wishes she could go to class seven days a week. However, she has a bad side that doesn't come out very often. She admits to being attracted to bad boys, and has an obvious crush on Jimmy. Even more relevant are her quotes when she is angered: she is the only little kid who uses foul language. Like all of the little kids in the school, she will snitch on fellow students behaviour to the Prefects or other school authority.

Role in game

Melody has a small role in the mission Panty Raid, where she spots Jimmy in the Girls' Dorm and pulls the fire alarm in a self-righteous panic. She also gives Jimmy an errand, to put chocolate into Trevor's locker.

In Scholarship Edition, she appears in the mission Rudy the Red Nosed Santa, where she talks a mile a minute at Rudy and makes faces at Jimmy while he tries to take her picture. Along with Pedro, she is dressed up as a flower during the Christmas pageant.