"We'll deal with you when we get back from our honeymoon, next year."
— Mom

Mom, as her name implies, is Jimmy's mother. Her actual name is completely unknown. She was voiced by Geneva Carr.


Jimmy's mom

Character descriptionEdit

Mom wears a purple jacket with leopard skin trimmings. She has an auburn bob cut and wears purple earrings, and her eyes are heavily made up. She wears a dark violet dress under her jacket, and purple high-heeled shoes. Her character model is very similar to Lola Lombardi's.

In the postcard, she is depicted wearing an orange bikini swimsuit with a green wrap around the waist and sunglasses.


Mom doesn't get much time on-screen to display her character. She tries to convince Jimmy to be nice to his new stepfather, but she loses her temper at him when he insults him.

She seems to be a distant parent, more concerned with her own life than her child, and has apparently always been the type to leave Jimmy to his own devices. It's also possible she has as much trouble controlling him as everyone else and is at her wits' end on how to deal with him.

Role in gameEdit

Mom and her 5th husband dropped Jimmy off at the Academy on their way to their year-long honeymoon cruise. She plays almost no role in the game after this.

At Christmas, she sends Jimmy a sweater as a present. If the player leaves Jimmy standing in place, some of his lines of idle dialogue involve his mom, wondering where she is and how she's doing.

The player also gets a picture of her and the husband on the cruise ship in the photo album when Jimmy first unlocks the camera.

Although Jimmy and his mother have a strained relationship, he still cares for her. When Gary insults her, implying that she makes her living on her back, it is enough to send Jimmy over the edge (figuratively and literally).

Also, during Chapter 5 when Jimmy gets expelled, the Principal writes a letter to her explaining that Jimmy has been expelled and to come and pick him up. However, after Jimmy gets re-enrolled, Dr. Crabblesnitch reveals he never sent the letter.