Mr. Carmichael

Mr. Carmichael

Mr. Carmichael
is the shopkeeper of the Aquaberry store in Old Bullworth Vale. He was voiced by Douglas Keeve.

Character descriptionEdit

Mr. Carmichael wears a slate-blue suit over a white shirt with a red-and-white striped tie, complete with matching pants and black loafers. He speaks in a faux-British accent.


Mr. Carmichael shares the personalities of the other shopkeepers that aren't hostile towards Jimmy. He speaks in a refined manner.

He will evict Jimmy like the other shopkeepers if he hits or shoves a customer even if the customer is hostile towards Jimmy.

One of his insults (which can only be heard from him via hex editing) Is calling his target a peasant. Ironically ,his job, albeit its prestige due to the Aquaberry label, is still considered 'blue-collar'.

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