Mr. Johnson
Gender Male
Voice Actor Todd Pistone

"When people think about work, they get down, and they get inane, and they don't wanna go, WHY? Why not work?"
— Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson is a character in Bully, and is one of the Townsfolk. He was voiced by Todd Pistone.

Character DescriptionEdit

Mr. Johnson wears a dark-green beanie hat, a dark gray plaid long sleeve shirt with matching pants, and old looking boots.

He shares a last name with Fatty, Karen, and Cornelius, but there is no evidence that he is related to any of them, as Johnson is a common surname.


Mr. Johnson has worked at the docks in Blue Skies Industrial Park for many years. Because he works hard and saves his money he and his family are reasonably well off. He's irritated by people who lack a work ethic comparable to his, and doesn't understand how anyone can not want to work. He also looks down on rich people. He resents Bullworth Academy because it brings kids, whom Mr. Johnson feels are arrogant and lazy, to town. He has a compulsion to lift lobster crates above his head to show off.

Role in gameEdit

Mr. Johnson has no individual role in the game.