Mr. Luntz

Mr. Luntz

"Yes Dr. Crabblesnitch, of course Dr. Crabblesnitch, good thing you don't know what I'm up to Dr. Crabblesnitch..."
— Mr. Luntz

Mr. Luntz is the school's shop attendant and janitor, or as his official job title states, "sanitation engineer". Mr. Luntz was voiced by Sean Eden.

Character DescriptionEdit

Mr. Luntz is a middle aged man with a haggard appearance. His hair is red and somewhat scraggly, and his hairline looks to be receding. He wears drab olive pants and a shirt of a similar color. He likely sleeps in the bedroom area that is located in the school's basement.


Mr. Luntz dislikes his job and his lot in life intensely, and can be heard muttering seemingly devious plots under his breath against both the students and the other faculty, particularly Dr. Crabblesnitch, and even Jimmy. Unlike the other faculty, he does not appear as an authority figure on the HUD map and will attack Jimmy, rather than trying to bust him, if Jimmy attacks him. He can sprint almost as fast as Jimmy, and is one of the very few NPCs who never run out of stamina while giving chase. If Jimmy does attack him, or bully him, it will appear on the HUD map as "Violence--Adults" or "Bullying--Adults" - the only exception is giving Mr. Luntz a wedgie, which only counts as Bullying. Similarly, if he is seen attacking Jimmy or any other student for that matter, a prefect will chase and bust him. When Jimmy greets him he acts very surprised that a student isn't being rude and obnoxious by saying "Uhhhmmm... hello." in a nice way. He also mocks Dr. Crabblesnitch by telling Jimmy to keep his nose clean.

Role in gameEdit

Mr. Luntz manages the school store. Sometimes he can be seen around campus in the mornings with his broom.

During Welcome to Bullworth, he may appear just outside the school gates, sweeping. If Jimmy watches him, he will eventually walk off in the direction of Bullworth Town. He plays no role in the game otherwise.


  • If Jimmy fires a weapon at him when he is in the school store and enters the basement straight afterward, Mr Luntz will be seen running down the stairs and stopping at the bottom. If Jimmy continues to attack him and is busted by him, the police car outside the school cutscene will appear and Jimmy will spawn at the entrance gate.
  • If prefects or other authority see him attacking Jimmy or another student with his brush or via adult busting, they will bust him for assault, as they would any non authority figure.
  • If Jimmy fires the slingshot at him repeatedly when he is in the school store he will walk over the wall and try to bust Jimmy with a citizen's arrest.
  • Unlike the other adults in the game, Luntz will say a quote after busting Jimmy or another student.

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