Mr. Matthews
Mr. Matthews
Clique Faculty
Gender Male
Family Unnamed Father
Kissable No
Voice Actor Milton James (?)
"Good news, class! Today we will be looking at some exciting new maps! Can you believe it?"
— Mr. Matthews, Geography 4

Mr. Matthews is the Geography teacher who only appears in the Scholarship edition of Bully. Mr. Matthews' voice actor is unknown, as he was not credited, but it is believed to be Milton James.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Mr. Matthews is a thin, tall man who appears to be in his late 50's or 60's. He is balding, with graying black hair, and he wears an orange suit and thick rimmed black glasses.


Mr. Matthews has an English accent, and is quite enthusiastic about his subject. He tends to assume the best about his students, and enjoys reading documentaries. Because of this, he is generally considered to be one of the more dedicated and kinder teachers, and has not singled out Jimmy for trouble as other faculty members have.

He comes from a family of farmers, and apparently his father wanted him to become a farmer too. He wonders if he has made the right choice becoming a teacher.

He is apparently an avid traveler, spending lots of money on trips and expeditions, possibly to the point of being unable to meet his dues. Unused dialogues in the game files indicate that he was originally going to ask a loan from Jimmy for Geography textbooks and rent money at some point during development. This was later cut from the final game for unknown reasons.

If encountered outside the Geography classroom via hex editing, he will occasionally call other people "wankers", which may be part of the reason he is not set in free roam because his dialogue may have hurt Bully's T rating. He also makes a reference to Indiana Jones movies, commenting "I would have gotten the idol if it wasn't for that damn boulder".

Role in Story Edit

Mr. Matthews is not in any missions other than Geography class, and is never seen in free-roam.

Trivia Edit

  • If added to free roam via hex editing, he will occasionally call other students Jimmy when busting them, such as "This hurts me as much as you Jimmy!"