Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith
Clique Townsfolk
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Tom Mardirosian
"Have you ever started... an empire?"
— Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith is one of the Townsfolk who resides in Old Bullworth Vale. He was voiced by Tom Mardirosian.

Character DescriptionEdit

Mr. Smith appears to be somewhere between middle-age and elderly in age. His hair has turned grey but he isn't stooped or feeble. He is slightly overweight and wears a red Hawaiian shirt with tan slacks and brown loafers. He also wears a gold chain, gold ring and a watch. In the winter he wears a black leather jacket.


Mr. Smith is extremely wealthy even by Old Bullworth Vale standards and claims to have founded an "empire". He is fairly arrogant about his success in life. Judging by his claims in dialogue, he is a businessman who is slowly handing over his assets to other people so he can enjoy his retirement. He claims that he runs the town and pays for it, and also wonders why he doesn't have the key to the city.

Several of Mr. Smith's quotes refer to his business, or as he calls it, his "empire". However, he has apparently left it for his son, who is not doing a good job running it. Mr. Smith believes in a strong work ethic and credits his fortune to his, and so he finds laziness particularly offensive. He refers to Jimmy as a "boring kid".

It is slightly possible that he is Gary's grandfather, which would make his wastrel son Gary's father. Donald can be heard to mention that Mr. Smith was kicked out of Bullworth Academy and went to prison. If this were true in reference to his son, Gary's father, that would explain why he is heard complaining about the state of his family.

Role in gameEdit

Mr. Smith has no individual role in the game.