"I'm off to buy some over-priced toy for my son."
— Mr. Sullivan
Mr. Sullivan

Mr. Sullivan

Mr. Sullivan
is a character in Bully, and is one of the Townsfolk. He was voiced by Sanford Santacroce.

Character descriptionEdit

Mr. Sullivan has auburn hair in a flat-top. He wears an olive-green jacket over a white shirt and a red tie, black dress pants and brown leather loafers. During the winter, he buttons his jacket fully and adds a black scarf to it.


Mr. Sullivan is apparently an accountant, according to his dialogue. He seems to have a boring life and buys over-priced toys for his children. Judging by in-game dialogue, he does not have a good relationship with his wife, and is frequently yelled at by her. He is most likely a pessimist and claims that his life is empty and meaningless. He is constantly depressed and hardly shows any emotion, but appears to have anger management issues.

Role in gameEdit

Mr. Sullivan gives Jimmy an errand taking photos of the rides at the carnival when his camera breaks down. He plays no further individual role in the game.