Ms. Rushinski

Ms. Rushinski

Ms. Rushinski
is one of the townsfolk who resides in Old Bullworth Vale and Bullworth town. She was voiced by Franceska Clemens.

Character descriptionEdit

Ms. Rushinski has short brown hair styled plainly. She wears a green blouse and dark skirt with nylons and high heels. In the winter she wears a dark brown blouse, brown gloves, and adds leggings to her regular outfit.


Ms. Rushinski is a single mother. She is very self-sacrificing when it comes to her kids, but she likes to brag about this. She also has a furious hatred of her ex-husband, and plans to wreck his life. She also also likes to brag about how supposedly sophisticated and pretty she is.

Role in gameEdit

Ms. Rushinski has no individual role in the game.

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