Clique Faculty
Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Jesse Lenat
"You kids don't know how ignorant you are! There's so many schemes and plans within plans... anyways, shut up and get to work!"
— Neil

Neil is the shop teacher at Bullworth Academy. He is voiced by Jesse Lenat.

Character DescriptionEdit

Neil has slightly shaggy dark brown hair, similar to Greaser leader Johnny Vincent, and brown eyes. He wears a denim boiler suit with a yellow-orange liner. In the winter he adds black fingerless gloves.


Neil emphasizes the educational benefits of "shutting up and working". He doesn't have much respect for the kids, but he is a bit afraid of them as well. However, he's friendly in a gruff sort of way.

If encountered outside the shop (only possible with the use of a hex editor), he seems to be somewhat paranoid of the government, believing the Bavarian Illuminati have taken control of the western governments, and are planning to eradicate Christianity. He dislikes communism, and refers to people he dislikes as "fascists". This could be why he is not set to spawn in free roam, as he seems to have a complete set of dialogue that may have hurt Bully's rating in strict countries. He seems to have a similar mindset of Dale Gribble from the FOX show King of the Hill.

Role in StoryEdit

Neil never appears outside of shop class.

During Shop 1, he relegates Jimmy to working on bikes instead of cars, to Jimmy's mild displeasure.

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Burton was originally supposed to be called Neil before developers changed his name.