Nerd Challenge
Location: Dragon's Wing Comics
Time(s) Available: any
Faction: N/A
Reward: Bottle rocket launcher
Comic shop save location
Unlocks: Comic Klepto

The MissionEdit


Jimmy wanders into the Dragon's Wing Comics store, where Zack Owens tells him that there's a meeting in the basement.

Downstairs, Algie, Fatty, and Bucky are playing Grottos and Gremlins, with Algie in the process of informing Fatty that he "can't use Diplomacy to make the elf princess do that". Fatty tells Jimmy he can't stay, but Bucky says to give him a chance. However, Fatty is not facing Jimmy when he says this on the Wii version. Although he's not interested in G&G or comics, Jimmy thinks the basement would be a decent place to crash, and so takes up the challenge.


The challenge is for Jimmy to play ConSumo on the arcade machine, and beat Fatty's high score of 1010 lbs, or 800 on the Anniversary Edition. He gets as many tries as he likes - it is free to play the game in this mission.

If Jimmy beats the high score, the Nerds are impressed. They give him permission to use the basement whenever he wants, and Bucky gives him the bottle rocket launcher. If he attacks any of the nerds, he fails the challenge.

Video WalkthroughEdit

Nerd Challenge - Bully

Nerd Challenge - Bully