Nut Shots is an arcade game. The only Nut Shots console is in the Prizes tent at the Carnival.

Beating the high score of 69900 points is required for 100% completion.


Nut Shots is a side scrolling shooter with a flying squirrel as the hero. The squirrel shoots acorns at three different enemies. The squirrel glides. He slowly sinks downward if he stays stationary, but aside from that he has full mobility in all 8 directions.

When an enemy is shot, it falls off the bottom of the screen. It can still kill the squirrel even after being 'killed'. The squirrel can die by touching an enemy, an enemy projectile, or by getting too close to the bottom of the screen.

Hornets are the most basic enemy. They shoot stingers directly ahead, and are worth 250 points. Bats appear when 10 hornets have been killed. They shoot a sonic shriek, a crescent that grows bigger the further it gets from the bat. They only take one shot to kill, but are worth 500 points.

Eagles are the toughest enemy. They appear when 3 bats have been killed. While an Eagle is on screen, no new enemies will appear. They launch "salmon missiles", a salmon that zooms in on the squirrel like a missile. They take many shots to kill, and are worth at least 1000 points.


Glitch Edit

In the PS2 version of the game, before you start the minigame, a bat will be flying across the screen.. if one starts the game and dies instantly they will become invincible making it easy to get the high score.

If one surpasses 100,000 on the game then they too will become invincible and will not die from anything, unless one does so deliberately by flying into the trees.

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