Officer Ivanovich
Clique Police
Gender Male
Family Unnamed Wife
Kissable No
Missions Glass House
Voice Actor Ron Reeve
"Get ready for some police brutality!"
— Officer Ivanovich

Officer Ivanovich is a Bullworth police officer. Ron Reeve voiced him.

Character descriptionEdit

Officer Ivanovich wears a baggy dark blue police jacket over his uniform. He has greying hair and blue eyes. He appears to be in his 40s, possibly his early 50s.


Officer Ivanovich is rude and one of the less-caring officers. When chasing, his comments are laced with talk of brutality. He also enjoys abusing his authority, but not as much as Officer Monson. Like Officer Monson and Officer Williams, he is corrupt and regularly receives bribes.

Role in gameEdit

Officer Ivanovich gives Jimmy an errand to take out some Greasers on the rooftop of the gas station in Bullworth Town while he grabs coffee. In New Coventry, he asks Jimmy to help take pictures of people spray-painting on walls. Oddly, he is classified as an adult during these errands, and will attempt the townsfolks' citizen's arrest if provoked.