The following is a list of errands Jimmy Hopkins can do in Old Bullworth Vale, and the Carnival.

Errands in Old Bullworth ValeEdit

There are 10 errands in total, they are available from Chapter 2 onwards.

Errand at CarnivalEdit

There is only one in total.

List of ErrandsEdit

Old Bullworth ValeEdit

The WidowEdit

  • Character: Mrs. Lisburn
  • Details: Mrs. Lisburn wants Jimmy to pick six flowers to put on her late husband's grave.
  • Location: Retirement Home.
  • Chapter Available: 4 onwards.

The Great EscapeEdit

  • Character: Mrs. Lisburn
  • Details: Mrs Lisburn wants to escape from the retirement home and asks for Jimmy's help.
  • Location: Retirement Home.
  • Chapter Available: 3 onwards.

Fast FoodEdit

  • Character: Mr. Huntingdon
  • Details: Mr Huntingdon asks Jimmy to deliver fast food for him.
  • Location: Burger Joint
  • Chapter Available: 2 onwards.

Crab TrapsEdit

  • Character: Mr. Martin
  • Details: Mr. Martin needs Jimmy to collect crabs for his restaurant.
  • Location: Seafood Restaurant
  • Chapter Available: 2 onwards.

Tag Bullworth Vale AreaEdit

  • Character: Casey Harris
  • Details: Casey wants Jimmy to tag three Preppies tags in the area.
  • Location: Bullworth Vale Gardens Park
  • Chapter Available: 3 onwards(after The Tenements).

Lost BearEdit

  • Character: Karen Johnson
  • Details: Karen asks for Jimmy's help to get her teddy bear back, which was stolen by Wade Martin.
  • Location: Beach, near the gazebo.
  • Chapter Available: 2 onwards.


  • Character: Pedro De La Hoya
  • Details: Pedro asks Jimmy to explore the sunken pirate ship in the cove.
  • Location: Pier on the Beach.
  • Chapter Available: 2 onwards.

Swim ItEdit

  • Character: Justin Vandervelde
  • Details: Justin challenges Jimmy to beat his swimming record.
  • Location: Lighthouse Dock.
  • Chapter Available: 2 onwards.

Jumping ManEdit

  • Character: Pedro De La Hoya
  • Details: Pedro wants Jimmy to check out the island beyond the shipwreck.
  • Location: Big pier on beach.
  • Chapter Available: 2 onwards.

Mailman: The UnderdogEdit

  • Character: Mr. Svenson
  • Details: Mr. Svenson wants Jimmy to collect a package for him a front yard of a house.
  • Location: Between the shortcut house and the top of the residential house.
  • Chapter Available: 3 onwards.

Carnival PhotoEdit

  • Character: Mr. Sullivan
  • Details: Mr. Sullivan wants Jimmy to photograph four different attractions.
  • Location: Near Souvenir tent.
  • Chapter Available: 3 onwards.