Location: Observatory
Time(s) Available: Before 7 pm
Faction: Jocks -10
Nerds +5
Reward: $25
Unlocks: Defender of the Castle*

Paparazzi is a storyline mission in Chapter 4.

The MissionEdit


Earnest is in the Observatory making plans. He asks Jimmy to do his job as the new boss of the Nerds and obtain scandalous photographs of Mandy. He's evasive about what he wants these pictures for, repeating endlessly that his plan is great. Jimmy reluctantly goes after them.



Mandy wearing a towel.

If Jimmy hasn't already obtained the digital camera by passing Photography 4, he is given one for this mission.

He first heads to the Gym, where Mandy is leading cheerleading practice. After he snaps a picture, Angie falls down to Mandy's contempt. Having worked up a sweat practicing, Mandy declares herself disgusting and heads to the girls dorm for a shower.

Jimmy enters the girls dorm, avoiding the ever-present Mrs. Peabody, and snaps a picture of the shower stall Mandy is in. The player won't actually be able to see her. Mandy then heads to her room wrapped in only a towel.

After Mandy's back in her room, Jimmy follows her. She has put on her pajamas and is shaving her legs. Jimmy takes a picture of this.

With the three pictures in hand, Jimmy heads back to Earnest at the Library and hands him the pictures.


Both Paparazzi and Funhouse Fun must be completed to unlock Defender of the Castle.


  • If Jimmy is caught by Miss Peabody after Mandy enters her room but before getting the picture, when he reenters the dorm, her door will be shut. He has to kick the door open, which for some reason she fails to notice.
  • Immediately after this mission, Earnest can be encountered in free roam. He will walk inside the library and walk out a second later. He can be interacted with, insulted as well as can be fought.
    • A strange thing is that if Jimmy fights Earnest, after fighting for a few seconds he will just walk away like nothing happened and will react positively to Jimmy if interacted.
  • The official Bully "Valentines Day" Trailer includes what may be a deleted cutscene from the mission. When Mandy is in the shower, there is a shot of her legs, with Jimmy in the background aiming the camera.
  • If Jimmy is caught by Mandy in the Girls' Dorm he will automatically fail the mission and gets a full trouble meter.
  • If Jimmy stays inside the Girls' Dorm long enough before taking the second picture, a glitch may occur, which cause Mandy to be placed outside of the shower stall. When Jimmy enter the Bathroom to take a picture, he can actually see Mandy taking a shower, which is simply her cutscene model (wearing a towel), as seen in this picture.
  • After taking all three pictures, Jimmy can kiss Mandy.
  • In the mission Discretion Assured, there is a picture of Mandy on the toilet. While not in the mission itself, it may have been in the beta version but deleted to keep the T rating.
  • The instrumentals that play throughout the mission is a rendition of Summer Nights from Grease.
  • When taking the picture of Mandy in the shower, taking a photo of the door will count and be the only way of getting a good photo. This is due to the fact that taking a photo of her slightly naked will hurt the game's T rating with nudity, since nudity isn't allowed in the T rating, the game could have received an M rating, which is why it got cut from the game. 

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