Paper Route is a job Jimmy can take on beginning in Chapter 2, after passing the Last Minute Shopping mission. It is available from 1 p.m. until 7 p.m.

The JobEdit

The job is located at the newspaper stand at the bottom of the hill in Old Bullworth Vale that leads from the commercial district up to the residential district.

Jimmy is given a Girl's Bike, presumably because the newspapers can be kept in the basket. He must quickly bike up the hill and pick up the papers, then deliver them by throwing them from his bike into the mailboxes. The mailboxes can be locked onto with auto-targeting. While riding his route he will be attacked by dogs, the Preppies will throw eggs (and in the winter time, snowballs) at him, and he will be chased by Mr. Svenson. The dogs can be scared off by hitting them with the front wheel of the bike, and the Preppies won't actually chase the bike. Fighting back against Mr. Svenson results in a red trouble meter, so Jimmy can only try to ride too fast for him to keep up.

Successful delivery of all papers results in Jimmy getting paid, and adds extra clients. The more clients he has, the bigger the payoff.

Rewards tableEdit

Number of Clients Monetary Reward New Clients Gained
10 $20 4
14 $28 5
19 $38 5
24 $48 0


  • During the paper route, Mr. Burton can be seen jogging. If Jimmy is grappled by Mr. Svenson while Burton is watching and Jimmy has an empty trouble meter, Burton will attempt to grab and bust Mr. Svenson. However, he can't - his grabs go through Mr. Svenson without connecting.


  • Just like the bike races, you can choose which bike you use in the paper route by leaving a bike near the marker. You do not start on this bike, though, so you must dismount the Girl's bike you are given, and mount the other bike.

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