Ms. Philips
Teacher Ms. Philips
Day Available Day 3
Scholarship Only? No
Location 2nd floor, Left side
Passing Grade Complete instructions then return to classroom

Photography is one of the mini-game classes and is taught by Ms. Philips. Jimmy must have the camera obtained after the mission Hattrick vs. Galloway before he can attend class.

Photography involves the player taking photographs of various sites and people within a time limit. The five photography classes occur during the afternoons.


Class Photographs Reward
Photography 1 Five school banners on the campus. Photo Album
Photography 2 Any three students The Yearbook
Photography 3 Four dogs or hobos in New Coventry Bigger photo album
Photography 4 - Bullworth Academy's Main Building
- Old Bullworth Vale's Lighthouse
- The Carnival
- Old Bullworth Vale Church
- Old Bullworth Vale Dam
Digital Camera / Color photos
Photography 5 Photograph the freaks at the carnival. Earn double tickets at the carnival.

Ms. Philips' photo trophy


  • The background music for Photography class in Scholarship Edition and Anniversary Edition greatly differs from the PS2 original version. It uses the same soundtrack from the BMX Park, while the PS2 version has a unique one.
  • Because Photography 3 requires Jimmy to go to New Coventry, it is not available until Chapter 3 starts regardless of how quickly Jimmy passes Photography 2.
  • In Scholarship Edition, if players complete Photography 4 before passing Rudy the Red Nosed Santa mission, completing the mission will trigger a glitch that make the digital camera no longer be able to take color pictures. To get around this problem, just do the mission Rudy the Red Nosed Santa before passing Photography 4.
  • Similar to Gym class, after Jimmy has passed Photography, it will not be available again (The silver bell won't show up). This was fixed in Anniversary Edition.


Video Walkthrough Edit

Photography Classes - Bully Scholarship Edition

Photography Classes - Bully Scholarship Edition