Bullworth Police

The Bullworth Police. From left to right, Officer Morrison, Officer Williams, Officer Monson, and Officer Ivanovich.

The Police are the law enforcement of Bullworth. They are the highest level of authority in the game and are responsible for enforcement of the law around the town.


All four officers can be identified by their dark blue uniforms and the fact that they appear as red dots on the radar. The Police Uniform consists of a dark blue jacket and trousers, with white shirts and black tie. Three of them wear dark blue police hats. All of them have police badges on their jackets. All four officers wear police belts, which have gun holsters on them. They carry pistols and ammunition, which they don't use.


The Police consist of four officers, who patrol the streets of Bullworth. They will chase and bust students, townsfolk, and on rare occasions Prefects and Orderlies who break the law. With the exception of Officer Morrison, three of them are corrupt. They appear mostly in Old Bullworth Vale and Bullworth Town but will appear in New Coventry and Blue Skies Industrial Park. They however rarely enter the campus at Bullworth Academy, unless they're chasing Jimmy Hopkins or another student.

Jimmy can, after English 5, apologize to the police for minor offences. If he is busted, he is taken to the nearest police station unless he is truanting or violating curfew, in which case he will be returned to school and all of Jimmy's weapons (except for super slingshot) will be confiscated. It's also possible to get a friendly response from them if he wears the Orderly Uniform. Officers will use police wagons and motorcycles to chase suspects; they sometimes use bikes and mopeds lying around if they need to pursue a suspect in a vehicle.

Station locationsEdit

Bullworth has four Police stations.

Bullworth TownEdit

East of Town Hall.

Old Bullworth ValeEdit

Directly opposite the burger drive-in restaurant.

New CoventryEdit

Two buildings left of The Final Cut.

Blue Skies Industrial ParkEdit

Directly opposite Spazz Industries; east of WonderMeats Factory.


Image Name Voice Artist
Officer Ivanovich Ron Reeve
Officer Monson Mike Plant
Officer Morrison James Norton
Officer Williams Chad Coleman