Prep Challenge
Location: Glass Jaw Boxing Club
Time(s) Available: any
Faction: N/A
Reward: Beach lighthouse save location
Boxing Outfit
Unlocks: The Eggs

Prep Challenge is a challenge mission in Chapter 2. Unlike the other challenges, it must be completed as part of the game's main storyline.

The MissionEdit


Jimmy sees a flyer inside the Glass Jaw Boxing Club advertising a Boxing tournament. The reward for winning is a house in Old Bullworth Vale worth $1,000,000. He decides to take advantage of the contest and enters the Boxing Gym.


Jimmy has to beat 3 preppies in a boxing match. The challengers are, in order, Chad, Justin, and Parker.


After Jimmy beats all of them, Justin informs him that he isn't eligible to win the prize because his parents aren't members of "The Board". Instead they give him a run-down house underneath the lighthouse for his use.

Mission videoEdit

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