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Prep Hideout
Beach House
Location Area Old Bullworth Vale Beach
Characteristic Save Location
Town Old Bullworth Vale

The lighthouse/beach house, also known as the Prep Hangout, is one of the safehouses Jimmy Hopkins gets, in this case after completing the Prep Challenge.


The lighthouse is fairly large. On the northwestern side is an armoire and a bed and to the northeast a soda machine and a poker table. In the southeastern section is a bar which serves as a savepoint. The barstools and crates can be destroyed to spawn planks, and there are also a couple of shields and cricket bats/fraternity paddles; this makes the safehouse a melee weapon armoury of sorts. Refills for the spud gun, the bottle rocket launcher and a carton of eggs can be found near the bed. The lighthouse has a fireplace with a wall mount moose head and a bearskin rug on the floor in front of it.

There are two locked doors, one near the poker table and the other near the bed, that presumably leads to the lighthouse tower.


  • When Jimmy first gets the safehouse, a seam in the geography appears, that lasts only a day. Ride a bike up the ramp going to the door of the lighthouse and jump before the end of the ramp. If Jimmy gets it right, he should land on the roof and fall through it, landing in pink water. The player can move around in the water for a few seconds before he gets knocked out.

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