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Race the Vale
Location: Boys' Dorm
Time(s) Available: before 11:00 p.m.
Faction: Preppies -10
Reward: $15
Unlocks: Beach Rumble

Race the Vale is a mission in Chapter 2.

The MissionEdit


Jimmy is surprised to find the Boys' Dorm empty except for Petey, who's watching television by himself. Petey is very despondent about Gary's betrayal. As he puts it, even though Gary bullied him mercilessly, he was at least part of a group for once, and now he's alone again. Jimmy informs Pete that he's not alone, and again asks where everyone is. They're all at a bike race in Old Bullworth Vale. Jimmy heads off immediately, telling Petey to come with him.

The MissionEdit

Jimmy is provided with a Yellow BMX to ride to Old Bullworth Vale on. The starting point of the race is on the beach near the Beach House. Once Jimmy arrives, the race starts, with him entered. He can also steal a faster bike like a racer, mountain bike, or even a moped and use it in the race.

The course goes along the beach, then takes a dirt road roughly north and then west, winds through the residential area of Old Bullworth Vale, and finally heads back to the beach. Jimmy's opponents are three different Preppies.


  • As with any of the races, Jimmy can use a moped or better BMX instead of the BMX provided. However, he must bring it along before starting the mission, as the Garage will be locked once the mission begins.
  • If Jimmy fails the race, the mission starts at the beach rather than your dorm room.
  • If Jimmy fails the mission by staying behind at the beach, Petey can be encountered in free roam.
  • Even though Petey claims that everyone is at the Bike Race, only three Preps can be seen here, along with Lola and Christy.

Mission videoEdit

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