Rendezvous is an unused beta mission in Chapter 3 that takes place after Bait, which involves Jimmy defending Tad from an onslaught of Greasers. It is incomplete, however, and is missing all of its dialogue and numerous scripts.


Jimmy is looking for Johnny Vincent in New Coventry, when he bumps into Lola. He asks about Johnny's whereabouts, but she instead sidetracks the conversation and flirtingly asks a favor from Jimmy. She says she is meeting Tad behind the medical centre - a 'study date', as she puts it - but needs Jimmy to watch over them so that the Greasers don't beat up Tad.


Jimmy must make his way to the alley behind Bullworth Town's medical facility, where Lola is waiting. Once then, he must climb the stairs to the balcony and use it as a vantage point.

Afterwards, Tad will show up, and Lola will run to safety while the Greasers attack Tad. Jimmy must defend Tad with his slingshot.

When all the Greasers are taken out, the mission ends. Tad's defeat results in failure.


Bully SE Unused Beta Mission03:40

Bully SE Unused Beta Mission

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